Assurance Services

Factory Compliance Guidelines
Social Accountability — SA 8000

Omni GSS requires all factories producing goods for Omni or Omni’s clients to have a current minimum score of Yellow findings or better for Social Accountability. The following guidelines are based upon SA 8000 and are being provided, in order to support factory efforts toward ensuring compliance. While the listing below is not a comprehensive list of all elements covered during a Social Accountability audit, these guidelines provide an effective framework for factories, in the development of policies, procedures, practices and records, in order to achieve and effectively demonstrate compliance.

Omni has a Factory Compliance team that will visit the factory associated with your order and perform an assessment per SA 8000. If the findings are not the required Yellow or better, the team will work with the factory until such time the required scores are achieved. There is no charge to the vendor or factory for these services, provided that there is full cooperation.

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