Assurance Services

Final Inspections

In-Line inspections are performed unannounced during production. Omni QA will request production dates from the vendor or factory and will come to the factory sometime during the production window. The inspector MUST be given full access to the factory and his/her reasonable requests MUST be attended to immediately. Failure to allow the inspector access to the factory may lead, at Omni’s discretion, to the inspection and order being canceled.

Final inspections are required for all orders and are performed per AQL II Level Standards. A minimum of 80% of the order MUST be completely packed and ready to be shipped at the time of the inspection. Inspections may be waived for vendors and factories with a good QA history.

Omni does not schedule Final Inspections. Vendors and Factories must work directly with Omni’s preferred 3rd party provider, Bureau Veritas to schedule your Final Inspection.
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