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GMP or Good Manufacturing Processes Audit

GMP’s are most often associated with the assessment of Food Production facilities, which having strict requirements and are typically not thought of when speaking about Consumer Packaged Goods. However, Omni does have some clients, whose primary role is that of acting as Food Retailer. As such, they require a variation of the typical GMP. One of these audits is known as a Non-Food GMP Audit and is performed by SGS. Vendors and Factories should be prepared to have one of these audits performed if you are producing what Industry terms as High Risk Products. Some of these High Risk Products include; Children’s Products, Toys, Furniture, Candles, Electrical Items and Food Contact Items.

The GMP audit focuses on a production facility’s ability and expertise, to produce the goods they are stating they can. The audit also verifies that the goods can be produced at an acceptable quality level. Additional aspects of the audit consist of Documented QC Procedures, Material Management, Cleanliness and Waste Management.

As with Social Accountability and Security Audits, Omni’s Factory Compliance Team helps factories to prepare for a GMP, by performing our own Pre-Audit and creating a Corrective Action Plan. Contact our Factory Compliance Team to learn how we can help you prepare.

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